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Navigating the SBA loan process

Learn the three simple steps involved in the SBA loan process.

Published: October 30, 2013
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Navigating the SBA loan process in three simple steps.

1. Application

Work with an SBA loan officer to determine the best program for your needs and fill out required forms with financial documentation.

Tip: Complete all application forms before seeing an SBA loan officer and engage all key parties early

2. Underwriting

Have an underwriter analyze your loan requests. If approved, sign a Commitment Letter and pay initial fees/deposit.

Tip: Be prompt in answering questions and returning documents.

3. Closing

Sign all final loan documents. Your funds will be distributed once down payments, closing costs and fees are paid.

Tip: Work with your SBA loan officer to gather documents needed for closing including: corporate articles of incorporation, signed purchase agreements, evidence of down payment.

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