Three tips to boost retail sales

Ideas you can try today to connect with customers and increase your sales.


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Published: January 06, 2017


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In a sales slump? Commit to these sales boosters for 90 days and measure the impact on your sales.

Here's the first idea. Create a dream client list and contact each person. Include in this list people in your community who have a large circle of influence and whose opinion is well regarded. For instance, respected business people, politicians, realtors, media professionals, and association executives.

Reach out five times over the next 90 days to every person on your list via email or phone call, social media, or even a nice handwritten note. Don’t worry about making a sale. Rather, aim to build relationships. People buy from and recommend those they like and trust.

Here's another idea. Establish a rewards program for your customer. Offer a reward for customers when they refer you, give you a good review, or write a testimonial on Facebook. The reward could be a discount or some other item of value that your customers would enjoy: a gift card to a local business or maybe a transferable coupon for your services. They could give that coupon away and now you have another customer. 

Another idea for boosting sales: Run a contest for your sales team. Prepare your team with product training and a sales script. Role play. Do a test drive of the sales process with some of your favorite customers and listen to their feedback. Offer individual prizes for top sales or a team-wide reward if you hit sales goals.

The key here is to formalize your approach to sales. Instead of just waiting for sales to happen, you can make them happen. You and your sales team can brainstorm ways to grow sales, and pick your top five sales strategies and commit them to action.

These ideas are low or no cost and they work — if you work them.