Employee Management

How to hire — and keep — your next salesperson

Commit to recruiting experienced sales reps as well as ensuring proper training for rookies.

Published: June 26, 2015
Updated: February 08, 2017

To generate more sales, you need to hire exceptional salespeople. And there's more to finding a great salesperson than simply posting a job listing.

All businesses face the difficulty of finding great employees, training them, and then keeping them motivated, but here are a few tips to help find  — and keep — great salespeople.

1. Quit settling for average.

Many companies have given up on looking for great salespeople, believing there are none available. But they are out there, and your organization must find them in order to thrive.


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2. Introduce hiring goals.

Give managers a quota for bringing in talent, but instruct them to go beyond running an ad or hiring a placement agency. Hold your management team accountable for recruitment.

3. Don't say "no" to experienced people.

Some companies avoid hiring experienced salespeople because they want to teach "their" way to trainees. Everyone has bad habits, but it can be a mistake to exclude experienced salespeople just because you think they all have unbreakable habits. Find experienced, motivated salespeople who can sell on a professional level.

4. Train new employees.

The #1 reason managers balk at hiring more people is because they don't want to invest the time in sales training. However, there are very few skills that can be acquired without training. You need to include training on your new-employee checklist.

5. Once you hire an employee, push him or her to be great.

Train new employees and create a work environment where they can earn more than others and have confidence in what they do. When you find great salespeople, compensate them well so they don't leave. Great people don't cost money — missed opportunities do.

To generate more sales, you need to hire and retain exceptional salespeople. Be prepared to train new hires, and then provide the support and motivation to keep them.