Employee Management

Employee management 101: Creating a positive workplace culture

Motivating employees to do their very best in the workplace doesn't always come naturally. Here are four ways new managers can take care to create a positive work environment.

Published: May 03, 2017

1. Understand the value of good leadership

Office culture reflects the example a leader sets. To create a positive, teamwork-driven environment, become a model of good behavior by ensuring you're consistent with policies, respond promptly to any glitches or complaints, and pitch in when needed. Be comfortable acknowledging your strengths and weaknesses, and take ownership of mistakes.

2. Take time to find the best workplace fits

Assessing compatibility of a job applicant is just as important as assessing their qualifications and experience. During the interview process, take note of an applicant's communication style and whether you think you'd work well together in an ongoing manager/employee relationship. And be sure to be open about your own expectations and aspirations for the company culture, as well.

3. Keep lines of communication open

As companies grow, it can become increasingly difficult to keep up with employees' roles, feedback, and ideas. But keeping employees happy, and therefore retaining them, is essential to promoting a positive work environment. Consider holding "office hours" or implementing an open-door policy. If that wouldn't be viable on a regular basis, consider sending occasional employee surveys – and taking to heart what they yield.

4. Reward exceptional performance

Whether it comes in the form of increases in compensation or public recognition, acknowledging employees' achievements can go a long way toward assuring them that you're paying attention to their performance. Opportunities for professional growth, such as the chance to attend an industry event, trade show, or workshop can also demonstrate you are confident that your employees will positively represent the business and that you recognize the team's potential.

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