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Six tasks to automate with software-as-a-service (SaaS)

Here are six SaaS functions that can help automate your business.

Published: May 26, 2016

1. HR functions

Consider a SaaS offering that automates HR functions — and allows you to more productively hire and manage employees. Payroll information, online background screening, and job board postings can all be automated.

2. Sales and marketing tasks

To simplify multiple marketing campaigns, look for a customer relationship management (CRM) SaaS solution that generates leads, handles sales automation and forecasting, tracks competitors, and manages your contacts.

3. Project management

If you engage in project-based work, save server space and time with a project management SaaS solution. Common features include scheduling, resource management, document management, and collaborative software.

4. Accounting

Save paper and time with a SaaS solution that includes accounting functions. Various options enable you to manage invoices, import transactions, create and send purchase orders, scheduling payments, and more.

5. Enterprise resource planning

To streamline the processes involved with running your business, consider an ERP solution that integrates inventory and order management, customer relationship management, accounting, and more. In addition, look for a solution that allows you to pull reports from one system.

6. Business intelligence (BI)

A BI SaaS solution, which allows you to analyze data for reports, data visualizations, and dashboards, makes sense when the budget is too tight to buy BI software and related hardware.

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