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Five easy ways to create customer interest online

Whether your business has been up and running for years or you’re just getting off the ground, here are five easy-to-implement strategies to cultivate customer interest.

1. Prioritize social media

Social media typically generates the high conversion of leads to sales, so create engaging posts to ensure the maximum reach to your intended audience. Explore site analytics to determine the types of content that prompt the most clicks, the most effective times to create content, and which post types are worth sponsoring or pinning to the top of your profile. To turn followers into leads, consider methods such as “like gates” (e.g. “Like us to receive a special offer”) or offering exclusive content to social media fans.

2. Use review sites to your advantage

People put trust in like-minded customers, so rave reviews on sites like Yelp and Angie’s List naturally pique the interest of others seeking the same product, service, or experience. Asking in-person and e-commerce customers for a review as part of the checkout process, plus making your business’s review page accessible from your website, can bolster your reviews and increase trust among potential customers: Almost 90 percent of consumers say they trust online reviews as much as personal recommendations.

3. Offer discounts or incentives to new customers

Offering new customers a discount on their first or next purchase will encourage them to visit your business or return again. If your business has an online store, try offering a discount to customers who log in with their social media profile—and publicize the deal on your social media page. This is a simple way to obtain contact information and create marketing leads, in addition to getting insights about your customers.

4. Experiment with gated content

Gated content—which requires readers to provide personal information in exchange for access to information, free downloads, or research studies—can be an effective way to generate marketing leads. This strategy simplifies the sales outreach process and provides a benefit to both you and your readers. If you’re hesitant to gate content because you fear it may turn customers away, consider a semi-gated strategy. This means customers have access to some content, but must provide information for access to premium content.

5. Make use of calls to action

Integrate all of the above strategies and draw attention to your business by creating engaging calls-to-action (CTAs) on your website and social accounts. Rather than focusing the CTA specifically on your product or service, express the benefit that the customer will get from taking a particular action, such as logging in for access to a guide or following your social media page for a discount offer. Use buzzwords such as “guarantee,” “new,” or “results,” to help motivate action.

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