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Four ways to optimize your marketing efforts

These tips and tools will help you streamline your marketing solutions.

1. Keep higher-performing ads and discounts

Even when measuring non-digital marketing strategies, you can design them in a way that indicates which are working well and which should be pulled.

  • Highlight a specific product in an advertisement, and assess how many customers visited your business for it

  • Offer customers a coupon for a later visit or an instant discount to tell you where they saw your message

  • Use different phone numbers or email addresses on ads to determine how many customers contacted you based on each ad

2. Use A/B testing to choose between two variations

For example, half of your email newsletter subscribers may see one subject line, while the other half sees an alternative line. The open rates — how many subscribers clicked through to the email —for each group will show which subject line was more effective. “You can keep changing your marketing efforts to see which is more effective,” says David Mitroff, founder and CEO of Piedmont Avenue Consulting in California.

3. Employ heat mapping to identify high-traffic areas of your website

Some marketing optimization tools provide website heat mapping to see where visitors are clicking and moving their mouse. Understanding the high-traffic areas on individual pages can help you determine what users want to see from your website and what products or services are drawing the most attention so you can boost their prominence.

4. Get help from an optimization expert

You may want to hire an expert to conduct search engine optimization for your website. “I highly recommend partnering with someone who knows how to do it better,” says Adam Brayman, digital marketing director for the National Federation of Independent Business. “Each successful campaign can be a learning experience for both you and your business, eventually allowing you to bring these skill sets in house.”

As you build your digital marketing program, making use of a few optimization strategies can help calculate your ROI.