Marketing Tactics

How to increase your daily website traffic

More visits to your website can mean increased sales, new contracts, and partnerships.

Published: May 25, 2016
Updated: February 08, 2017

You know that your website is important for connecting with customers and boosting sales. But are you consistent in efforts to drive traffic? Maybe you periodically send out an e-newsletter or pay for digital advertising and then see a sudden, but brief, spike in traffic.

Short bursts of activity may not be the key to success. The first step to drive a consistent flow of visitors and customers to your website and turn it into a daily destination is to develop a strategy. Here are four tips to help you increase your daily website traffic:

Know your audience

To get started, you need to know your target audience and understand how they interact with your site. Use research and web analytics to identify your visitors' demographics, which include age, location, and interests. Asking for feedback through surveys or an interactive module can help you can learn why they first visited your website and what their expectations are.

Collecting metrics will allow you to hone strategies to reach your audience and better meet its needs. For example, if a certain page receives a lot of views, you may want to write more articles on that topic, or if video pages are popular, possibly create more videos.

Incentivize website visitors

Give your customers a reason to visit your website — and keep returning day after day. Some strategies include:

  • Creating shareable, valuable, and engaging content on a regular basis

  • Using a variety of mediums (pictures, videos, text, etc.)

  • Encouraging visitors to connect with you through social media or email

  • Displaying your social media share and follow buttons in prominent locations

Every visitor is a potential sales contact, so ultimately your website should make them eager to do business with your company.

Generate sales leads

Providing great content that brings visitors back to your site is one part of the equation. The other part is ramping up your sales. First, carefully select the products or services you want to promote based on the value they offer to customers. Then, create a landing page that features those products or services and emphasizes their worth to your targeted users. Finally, provide a digital lead form or display your phone number so customers can easily contact you.

You can also increase your leads by offering something of value in exchange for the user's information. For example, customers might give out their name and contact details if you can offer them email subscriptions, digital toolkits, e-books, guides, and other educational information about your products or services.

Work with influencers

Finally, you must be able to increase your website traffic exponentially if you are able to connect with the right influencers in your industry. Spend time gathering information on popular bloggers and social media influencers. Next, reach out and build a mutually beneficial relationship by connecting on social media, attending social or business events they frequent, or asking them how you can be featured on their website or social media channels.

Those occasional spikes in traffic from infrequent marketing attempts are not going to build your business. Follow these tips, and you can create a business website that becomes a daily destination for your target market.