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How to make your website mobile friendly

Learn your options for making your business’s website fit mobile devices of all sizes.

Published: May 19, 2014
Updated: February 13, 2017

As technology evolves, it's becoming easier than ever for businesses of all sizes to create mobile-friendly websites. Yet, according to a recent survey by Constant Contact, only 34% of small businesses have mobile-optimized sites. Since their larger competitors now offer a more enjoyable experience on mobile technology, it's important for small business owners to recognize the importance of mobile features like responsive Web design.

Responsive Web design sizes down a website to fit smaller screens, tailored to the device. Sites like Wix and WordPress offer responsive design services to their customers at no extra charge, and those using other services may be able to make the change by merely switching to a responsive template. By adding this functionality to your website, you can ensure that your mobile visitors enjoy an optimal experience.

WordPress optimization

WordPress is currently the most popular service for those using a content management system (CMS) to manage their websites. For the many businesses using WordPress, a mobile-friendly site requires the use of a plug-in, which is a third-party program that can enhance the user experience  – for example, better search options, video players, etc. Two free and effective plug-in options include:

  • WPtouch: With just a few clicks, WordPress users can create a mobile-friendly version of their site that will look great on various screen sizes. With this feature, your visitors can revert to the standard version of your website if they prefer. And, according to the blog on, the plug-in offers website load times of up to three times faster than desktop or responsive design features.

  • Jetpack: One of the features of this plug-in from Automattic is a feature that automatically streamlines a business's website for viewing on mobile devices. This plug-in also has a variety of other features that will improve a business's website, blogs, and comments sections.

Responsive service providers

Even if your website provider doesn't currently offer responsive design, there's no need to hire an expensive designer to do the work. MobStac is a service that offers a variety of website-improvement tools. Using one dashboard, site administrators can manage a website across numerous devices. There is a free developer version of the app, Beaconstac, that lets businesses use the service at no charge.

As tablets and smartphones continue to take over the market, business owners may risk losing customers if they ignore the value of having a website that is viewable on all screens. With so many affordable options, you can prioritize creating a mobile-friendly version of your website sooner rather than later.