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Tips for a successful sales meeting

Provide fresh and compelling content to make your team meeting helpful and productive.

Published: June 17, 2015
Updated: February 16, 2017

All too often, sales meetings can become mundane lectures by the sales manager that repeat messages having little to do with selling your product or service. This kind of meeting can actually stifle motivation, which in turn may reduce sales. For sales meetings to be effective, it is important to invest the time and energy to make them interesting.

The purpose of a typical sales meeting is to:

  1. Bring the team together and create cohesiveness;

  2. Motivate sales managers and employees; and

  3. Provide new techniques and solutions that will increase sales.

Before you rally the troops for another session, consider some of the following ideas to get the most out of your sales meeting.

1. Jump-start the sales meeting. Surprise your team members with visual content that sets the stage and grabs their attention. Use high-impact, positive videos like Ted Talks, Talks at Google, and Big Think to make your points. Instead of just talking to your team, use video or audio to engage their senses, and grab their attention.

2. Provide helpful and motivating information. Once you have the team's attention, discuss business results from the last few days or weeks. Emphasize a sales team strategy by identifying specific results or goals employees can work on together. Avoid overloading them with information that is not conducive to producing sales. Make parts of your meetings fun, inspiring, light, and even comical. Always send them off with something new and on a high note.

3. Focus on the wins, not the losses. Take a few minutes every meeting to congratulate sales people for any and all completed goals, closed deals, and successes. Praise reinforces positive behavior and encourages everyone to do well. Look to offset any negative information from their peers or the media. Keep the discussion relevant, and don't allow people to present problems unless they also have the potential solutions. Learn more about compensating your team through sales commission

4. Keep daily sales meetings short. This is a great investment of time and energy when done correctly and on a daily basis. However, don't waste your team's time. The key to almost any successful daily sales meeting is to keep it under 20 minutes.

Avoid giving lectures. Instead, make your sales meeting a source of action. These meetings can bring your managers and salespeople together and make everyone proactive rather than reactive.

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