Marketing Tactics

Broaden your reach, sharpen your focus

Internet communication tools have dramatically changed how people do business.

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Broaden your reach, sharpen your focus

Internet communication tools have dramatically changed how people do business. But the age-old goals remain the same: build strong relationships with existing customers and a strong reputation for potential ones.

Work your network

Listening to customers and peers is fundamental to good business.

Connect with customers

Many of today’s leading marketing techniques lean toward two-way interactions with potential customers.

Listen to your customers

Social listening can provide valuable insights, as well as a chance to see what competitors are doing. Consider these three tactics: Social media: Social media allows you to hear what your customers are saying about you and your product and gives you an easy way to respond to customer feedback. Rating services: Endorsements from happy customers can do wonders for your business. Discussion forums: Great opportunity for you to demonstrate your passion and expertise to users actively discussing issues relevant to your business.

Reach out

Social media platforms offer networking access to like-minded business people, as well as referrals and recommendations from customers to boost your credibility. Active contribution can expand your exposure and make it easy to update, promote and share interesting content with customers.

Social networks are a powerful source for:

Research Run a problem or new idea by colleagues and peers or even customers and fans.

Best practices Learn what works in real life, from real people.

Talent Tap a rich source of qualified talent.

Promotions Customers that connect with you in the social space are your biggest fans. Keep them up to date.

Make the most of e-mail

Customers who value your services are willing to “opt-in” and provide you a way to reach them. E-mail is a direct and inexpensive way to do so.

Use affordable small business website solutions

Having a strong presence on the web doesn't have to be overly expensive. A quick Internet search will yield cost-effective providers for all of your online needs (i.e. content marketing, blogging, mobile optimization, e-commerce).

Make sure you have something valuable to say Gauge your campaign’s success with statistics like opens, bounces, and click-throughs Consider utilizing a marketing service to help manage lists, design e-mails, and launch campaigns

Guard your good name

Digital platforms provide an opportunity to manage how consumers are communicating about you and your brand. Active listening and participation can have a positive impact. Want positive reviews? Consider the following: Encourage happy customers to speak up Use online monitoring tools to stay informed Respond promptly and honestly Make things right with unsatisfied customers

These are easy ways to stay connected with your customers.

Harness the power of today’s online communication tools to retain the customers you have and impress the ones you want to do business with – including those you haven't even met.

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