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Keeping your technology business from becoming obsolete

Five tips for staying on top of the ever-changing tech industry.

Published: May 08, 2017
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Encourage creativity

Innovative technology starts with inspired collaboration. By fostering a creative workplace for your employees, you’ll be able to keep your firm in the foreground of up and coming tech. Here are a few ways you can improve creativity in your office: Create functional work spaces designed for collaboration. Offer additional amenities for employees, such as a cafeteria, gym access, child care, or outdoor work spaces. Give employees some flexibility when creating their work schedule.

Expand your portfolio

In addition to updating and improving your existing products and/or services, begin to create new, complementary products that will help your company garner new customers and build brand loyalty. If you have the cash flow, you can save development time by purchasing existing products to help round out your profile and keep your customers engaged.

Focus on customization

Provide a product or service that allows for customization to meet your customers’ specific needs and set you apart from the competition. With 42 percent of consumers expressing interest in technology that helps them personalize products and 19 percent of shoppers willing to pay more than a 10% premium for the option, customization may help your business stay relevant among users.

Work with tech influencers

Partner with an influencer — an online personality with a large social media following in a given niche — or work with an agency that can pair you with multiple influencers to bring an outside voice to your tech company and reach a demographic your current marketing strategy may be missing.

Curate your social feeds

Use Facebook groups, Twitter lists, and other social media organizational tools to see specific content from specific brands and influencers. You’ll be more likely to catch tech innovations and news stories that apply to your business. Social listening — paying attention to what excites and engages your customers — may also help you source new ideas and keep your customers coming back for more.

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