Marketing Tactics

Keep connected: Four tips for marketing your business on LinkedIn

Ready to expand your business's social media presence? These four tips can help you find your footing on LinkedIn.

Published: April 04, 2017

1. Share who you are

Create an engaging bio in your business's own voice that identifies who you are and what you do. Put yourself in the shoes of someone who stumbled upon this page without any prior knowledge of your business: could they recognize your mission? Clearly describe the problems your company solves and the value it offers, and encourage viewers to contact you directly with questions.

2. Make your company profile page pop

The appearance of your business's LinkedIn profile page matters — it's a reflection of your brand and serves as a networking platform. Use LinkedIn's various media hosting options (e.g. photos, videos, infographics) to help your business page capture the attention of potential connections after just one click. Make sure to optimize your page's appearance by ensuring your images follow LinkedIn's recommended dimensions.

3. Create content regularly

Use LinkedIn's publishing platform to provide status updates or publish industry content, which can help with announcing news related to your business or sharing insights that other small business owners may find interesting. Understand that social media is not a "set it and forget it" medium but an ongoing process, so it's important to commit to posting on a regular basis and maintaining a presence in your networks. LinkedIn's research recommends 20 posts per month.

4. Use sponsored content to build a following

LinkedIn's "sponsored content" can be an effective way to reach prospective followers, and ensure your current followers have easy access to certain information. But avoid cluttering their feeds by being strategic about the content you sponsor: Candidates may include the announcement of a game-changing new product or key changes in your business structure.

It's important to consider LinkedIn as the online extension of your business. Making the right connections can help take your business to the next level. Learn more about how to better target your customers on- and offline.