Measuring ROI

Six signs it's time to update your business's marketing strategy

Is it time to update your marketing plan?

Published: January 05, 2016

1. Your business is losing sales momentum

If your sales decline over a long period, the problem may be your marketing needs updating.

2. Your marketing message is unfocused

You're marketing a little in a lot of places, trying to capture every possible customer. Instead, identify target demographics, and market to your ideal customer.

3. Your marketing tactics are old school

All of your marketing is on paper: fliers, newsprint, and telephone directory. It might be time to go online with digital marketing and social media.

4. Your business has inconsistent sales and marketing strategies

If your marketing represents your brand one way, and your sales staff represents it another, it might be time to revamp your image across the entire company or at the very least have them both represent the brand the same way.

5. No one can describe what your company does

Your message fails to make your value clear to the customer. It may be time to focus efforts on clarifying your USP (Unique Selling Proposition).

6. All your marketing is focused on sales

Your messaging has little or no informational content. Instead, look for ways to provide relevant thought leadership, advice, and guidance for your customers, and build customer loyalty and long-term relationships.

Make the most of your marketing efforts by getting SMART.