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Business Plan Center Learning Resources

Business Plan Center Learning Resources

Explore below to learn more about each section of your business plan. Whether you're creating a plan for the first time or updating it after years of operation, the Business Plan Center can help.

Learn about business permits, legal structures, and more. Learn about competitive strategy, target markets, and more. Learn about pricing, branding, advertising, and more. Learn about income statements, sales forecasting, and more.
Top 10 duties of a business owner Write an executive summary Decide between legal structures Get business licenses and permits Part one: Hiring tips Part two: Hiring tips Protect your intellectual property Create a transition strategy Choose your successor Determine your insurance plans Distribute your product or service Select your organizational structure
Four tips for target marketing Analyze your competitors Conduct a competitive analysis Differentiate your business Gather business intelligence Expand your business Part one: SWOT analysis Part two: SWOT analysis Create a SWOT Grid
Write a positioning statement Four steps to setting prices Four signs you need to adjust prices Choose your retail location Differentiate your brand Market your product or service Use grassroots marketing Six digital marketing strategies 10 advertising tips Sell your products online Build an innovation strategy
10 costs of starting a business Identify fixed and variable costs Strategize your cash flow Prepare cash flow statements Tips for cash flow management Tips for forecasting cash flow Five tips for sales forecasting Forecast sales for new products Calculate gross margin of sales Create income statements Calculate your break-even point Find your right funding options Know the 5 Cs of credit Five tasks to get funding Tackle your taxes