Marketing Tactics

Keep the patients you have and get new ones

Effective medical practice marketing that incorporates certain elements may enhance patient retention and recruitment efforts.

Published: November 13, 2019

The secret to a successful medical practice is simple on paper: treat patients well and they'll come back. Hopefully, they even refer you to friends and family.

However, that alone is not enough. In the face of heightened competition, more stringent consumer preferences, and increased business demands, your medical practice’s marketing efforts must reflect patient wants to keep retention rates high and simultaneously attract new patients.

To boost your patient retention and recruitment efforts, incorporate these digital tactics and constantly monitor results for areas for improvement.

Maintain a vibrant, relevant presence online

A website and Facebook page may be considered the bare minimum effort in establishing your practice’s online presence, but don’t simply adopt a set-it-and-forget-it approach.

Regular posts — including on Instagram and LinkedIn if they’ve proven effective at reaching your target audience — demonstrate your expertise, as do timely blog posts.

Additionally, to help establish a personal connection, post content on your practice’s social media channels that allows potential patients to get to know you and your team beyond their clinical knowledge. For example, if your practice participates in a community event or hosts a patient appreciation day in-office, highlight the role your team plays in the success of the event.

Each of these channels contribute to enhanced search engine optimization (SEO) results, which are invaluable for raising your practice’s visibility and complementing any paid online advertising campaigns your marketing manager may already have in the works.

Stay on top of consumer trends

Look around. While virtually everyone in your waiting room will be holding a smartphone, some may have a smart speaker at home. Voice search may be an area to focus your marketing efforts. Meanwhile, videos are redefining approaches to storytelling, allowing practice owners to illustrate the humane side of the services they provide.

Ensuring that a practice’s online presence is compatible with mobile devices, responds to voice prompts, and incorporates videos that resonate with patients and prospects is a strong way to optimize a basic marketing strategy.

Keep in contact

How often do your patients hear from you? If it’s little more than when they’re visiting the office, you’ve got some work to do.

Email marketing has evolved to the point where personalization is increasingly important and represents a unique touchpoint for most recipients. Separately, an automated recall system can remind patients of appointments, leverage a waiting list to fill canceled appointments, and help restart connections with inactive patients.

Take a coordinated approach

A patient relationship management (PRM) platform is a relatively new way to streamline your online presence, digital marketing, and one-on-one connections. Plus, a good PRM program may help prompt patients to post online reviews, an increasingly important function as 72% of prospective patients first check out online reviews in their search for a medical provider.

Of course, your service and patient care remains paramount in fulfilling your customers’ needs, but marketing is an increasingly crucial component to patient retention, adding new patients, and meeting your business goals.

Looking to further sharpen your medical practice marketing efforts? Gain an even better grasp of the composition of your patient base through a target market analysis.