Tech 101: Three devices for business meetings

Learn how to use different technology devices to successfully run business meetings.

Ramon Ray is the publisher of Smart Hustle Magazine and a paid contributor for Wells Fargo.


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Published: September 27, 2016


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Technology is very, very important to small businesses, but of course, your business doesn't need every single technology out there.

First, identify: What are the goals of your business? What are your most important needs? Once you do that, then you can go out and find the perfect devices that will help you accomplish these specific business goals.

A tablet is a great piece of technology to use to show information you're trying to communicate about your products and services to your customers. Maybe you're in a conference room. Maybe you're in a taxi. You can easily pivot your tablet and show that to someone else.

Another thing a tablet is great for is during live demos and live presentations that you're doing for clients in a large meeting. You can take your tablet; pass it around the room. This means while you're speaking and sharing a concept, people can see that and follow as you're talking as well.

Another tool to consider is a smart T.V. So, with a smart T.V. you can show presentations on a large screen, host video conference calls, and share content or brainstorm with others.

You can use the stylus. You can use your fingers. Some are touchable. And this makes it much easier to collaborate and communicate.

Another device to consider is a handheld or a Pico projector. It's a portable projection device ideal for presentations on the go. You can fit it in your pocket, in your purse, put it in a briefcase, throw it in a bag.

It's a device that works very well with your mobile phones, with laptops, or with a digital camera. You take the Pico projector, connect it to your mobile device, and now, you can project images to a blank surface, no screen required.

So there you have a few devices you can use for your small business.

Remember, before you buy any device, make sure you know: How will it help your business?